Lake Effect: As in snow.

Tons of it. Like the kind us

folks in Buffalo can expect

to see each year between the

months of October and April.

However, our city is not just

about that fluffy white stuff

and chicken wings. It's also

where we get our inspiration,

and the place we call home.


Labs: As in laboratory.

Think scientists. Like Doc

from Back to the Future,

but instead of traveling to

the future, we're shaping it.

We take novel ideas and make

them a reality. A few of

our projects can be found

below, while others are

still being experimented on.

Cloud Based Reminders for your Business helps businesses stay connected to their customers by automating text message and phone call reminders.

Weather Based Travel Search

Interested in a weekend getaway? Try our new vacation destination search engine, tailored to your preferred weather conditions.

What you need, When you need it most

It's not uncommon to need something in a pinch: a plumber, tow truck, or even pizza. We're connecting people with businesses in a way like never before.

Everyone forgets. We're here to help. helps people remember important events, dates, tasks, and more by scheduling simple reminders via email, text message, and phone call.